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Welcome To Deck Builders Spartanburg

Welcome to Deck Builders Spartanburg in South Carolina. When you love your backyard and want to enhance it even more so that you can enjoy it, you call our deck installers Spartanburg.

We not only build decks, we also are your local pool deck builders. We can do many types of decking including staining, painting, and repairing your deck.

About Deck Builders Spartanburg

As local deck builders, it is our goal to be a reliable team for your job. We make sure to have the materials we need before we get started on the job. This is the best way to make sure we are not waiting on materials and wasting your time.

It is our mission to deliver a deck that meets your needs. We assure you that the blueprint we design for your deck is exactly what you want. We then do a walkthrough once it is completed.

This is how we make sure that you love everything about it. If there are things that you do not like, we make a plan with you to change and fix these things.

We value the quality of customer service. We specialize your deck with the features that are important to you. We have so much industry knowledge. With this knowledge, we can inform you right. We use this knowledge to answer questions you have.

We do not rush our interactions or our work. We take the time needed for everything. Your local deck builders here do a very good job at meeting your needs. We make sure to stay at the top of other deck companies.

Why Choose Us?

We strive to be the best at deck building. Because of this, we take care of our customers and put them first. This is one of the many reasons that customers choose to work with us.

We not only build your brand new decks. We also can build onto existing decks to make them much bigger. We are one of the best at building decks Spartanburg SC. We are flexible in how we get your deck done.

Do you have a big get together coming up and need your deck finished in a bit of a time crunch? We can get the job done without sacrificing the integrity of the deck. Here are some other reasons people stop at us when choosing “deck construction near me”:

  • We have created decks for many years
  • We have experience with all types of deck repairs
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We have great reviews and are highly recommended
  • We are trustworthy and honest in all our work

Are you worried about wasting money by paying for estimates? No need to worry. Our estimates are free of charge. This way you can find out what you want before you begin spending money on the project.

Choose us as your contractors for your decking project. We will be reliable and thorough as we have been with all our customers in the past. Contact us today through phone or through filling out our online form.

What To Expect

You will be nothing but impressed with the products we use. We make sure they are of top quality. We also make sure our products have a warranty. This helps you to not have so much heartache if something goes wrong.

Customers love the safety this offers. We have you covered if anything is to go wrong. Your mind can be put at ease with the warranty of your products.

spartanburg deck installers

Do you have a design in mind that you love? If not, it is no problem. We are willing to come out to your home and help you brainstorm.

We take a look at the space we have to work in, the budget we are working with, and take measurements. We can offer you pictures and sample products to help you choose what type of material and style to do on your deck.

Once we draw up a plan, we then get the materials and get started. We will go through a payment plan with you before we get started as well.

The price of our bid will be the final price, with no surprises. If you want to add something along the way, we first make sure you know what the cost to install that feature is.

Not all features are created equal. Some add much to the cost of your deck, while others are very minimal. We never add the feature without your approval of the cost.

Our Services

Why offer one service when you can offer six or more? This is what we do here at Deck Builders Spartanburg. We offer custom-built decks as well as wood decks. With these wood decks, we can either stain or paint them. We can repair the damage that has been done on your deck and so much more.

spartanburg deck building

Custom Built Decks

Our Spartanburg deck builders do a great job at building you a custom deck with the added features that you choose.

We can do the size, shape, and material of the decking that you want. We can also add beautiful lighting, seating, and more.

spartanburg deck contractor deck railings

Deck Railings

Deck railings are what keep the deck safe. Railings can come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. We have railings that are metal, cable, wood, and many more.

The railing you choose can either match or contrast the deck material that you choose. There are many ways we can install the railings to make them look more modern or more traditional.

spartanburg wood decks

Wood Decks

Wood decks are timeless. There are many different shades of wood that are available. Wood comes in many different strengths.

The type of wood you choose will determine how strong your deck will be. With a wood deck, you will need to do maintenance throughout the years to avoid chipping and cracking.

spartanburg decking

Composite Decking Spartanburg

Composite decking is decking that is made of recycled material to create a beautiful material called composite. It comes in many different colors and styles.

This type of decking is very popular because of the way that you get your deck installed and that is it. Very simple with no maintenance needed.

spokane deck repair

Deck Repair Spartanburg

Do you have cracks or chipping on your deck? No problem. We do a great job at repairing whatever it is you are needing. Repairs come in all sizes both minimal repairs and giant repairs or even remodels if needed.

Repairs are needed if the maintenance has not been kept up on for your deck. This is why it may have chips, cracks, or pieces that are not very secure.

spartanburg deck staining spokane deck painting

Deck Staining Spartanburg And Painting

Our deck contractors do a wonderful job at either painting or staining your deck the way that you want it done. Our Spartanburg deck builders will let you know the needs of your deck. It may need some upkeep in years to come to avoid chipping and cracking.

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About Spartanburg South Carolina

There are many different colleges here in Spartanburg. There are so many large company headquarters in Spartanburg. Some of these are Denny's and the research facility for Milliken & Company.

There are more than a thousand vehicles output each day from the BMW manufacturing facility here.

49% of the population here is African American, 47% is White, with a small percentage of Native, Asian, Islander, or other races. The winters do not get too cold, while the summers get hot and humid.

The population of the city of Spartanburg is right around 38,000. The population with all the cities surrounding Spartanburg which include some of these cities below is 355,634.

  • Boiling Springs, SC
  • Lyman, SC
  • Duncan, SC
  • Wellford, SC
  • Arcadia, SC
  • Inman, SC
  • Roebuck, SC
  • Fairforest, SC
  • Startex, SC
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find trustworthy deck contractors Spartanburg?

This begins by searching for “deck builders near me” or “deck contractors near me”. You will then have many reviews to read and questions to ask. It is not always a good thing to go with the first “deck installers near me” or “deck companies near me” that you find. Ask around to friends, family, and neighbors. Ask a lot of questions to your deck builders before deciding to have them do the job.

Does new decking Spartanburg SC chip?

You will find that our deck contractors Spartanburg are amazing. We only offer you materials that will last and will not chip. The only chipping you would have to ever worry about would be on an older wood deck. You only experience chipping if it is not given proper maintenance.

What do I need to know before building my deck?

Before building your deck there are a few key factors that are great to know and be aware of. One of these is your budget. How much are you wanting to spend? You will want to know what features of the deck are most important to you. This will help a ton when narrowing it down to what exactly you want.

What decking material is the most common?

Wood decks are very common because of their timeless look and traditional ways. Although this is the case, composite is growing more and more popular because of the low maintenance feature. There are many factors to look into when getting a deck.

What is the most expensive type of decking?

The type of decking that tends to be more expensive is the composite decking. This is because it lasts for many more years. It takes little to no upkeep, which makes it very attractive to buyers.

Customer Testimonials

"We could not believe the price difference between different types of decking material. We ended up saving a lot of money and getting a beautiful deck!"

Dylan N.

"We had a hard time coming up with a plan for our deck on our own. They did a wonderful job creating the design and bringing the design to life."

Crew H.

"When it came to understanding exactly what we wanted, our “porch builders near me” that we used did an outstanding job. We knew everything we wanted after talking through it with them."

Brittney S.

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There are decks of all different kinds. You may know your options or you may need “deck builders in my area” to show you your options. We do everything from deck repairs to building custom decks.

We listen to what you want and make it happen through our incredible workmanship and experience. If you have been wanting a quote for a deck do not hesitate to give us a call.

We are the deck builders that you want to work with. We are on time and make the best use of your time. Gather all your inspiration photos and call Deck Builders Spartanburg today!

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